Book Review: Celestial Navigation for the Clueless

Okay, in this case I’ll probably have to two reviews.  I received the Kindle Edition of Celestial Navigation for the Clueless, by Jeremy Bernal, for Christmas.  I don’t yet have a sextant to practice with, or the almanacs, but I’ve read through the book and it’s awesome!  First, I think it’s just the right amount […]

Book Review: The Pacific Crossing Guide

After completing The Voyager’s Handbook I received The Pacific Crossing Guide, 2nd Edition, by Michael Pocock and Ros Hogbin, for Kindle as a Christmas gift and started reading it immediately.  It’s much smaller than the Voyager’s Handbook but it’s still very valuable.  Whereas The Voyager’s Handbook was very focused on preparation and less so on […]

Book Review: The Voyager’s Handbook

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, both online and in print the last few weeks and I’ve completed my first pass (of what will likely be several passes) through a couple of useful books already.  The first of these books is The Voyager’s Handbook, by Beth A. Leonard, Second Edition.  I have the Kindle […]

Income at Sea

Planning ahead will certainly be the most important step in financing our adventure.  But, we’ve come up with a few other income sources we can maintain at sea. Professional Services (Contract Basis).  One thing both Rich and I can do to maintain a meager income stream is to provide professional services on a contract basis. […]

About Us Now

  In October 2013, two bottles of wine changed our lives.  With the help of some fabulous chardonnay, the truth finally flowed between two dedicated lovers and life partners. We both harbored a secret desire to leave “the grind” and sail the world.  Once that was out in the open, the adventure began…  We were […]